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How do you ground a USB device ?

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  • How do you ground a USB device ?

    I have a car pc, with a ground issue...i assume.

    I have aux in going into car radio, and it has a ground isolation in the line.

    When I plug in mp3 player or iphone, it works fine, no noise, even when hooked up to car power for charging.

    When I plug in my Laptop, sound if fine, but when I add a USB device it generates buzzing noise. The usb device is capacitive touch screen overlay from 3M, furthermore the pitch of the buzzing changes as I touch different parts of the touch screen. I know this has to a grounding issue, but don't know how to solve this.

    Thanks for any help


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    What are you plugging into where?

    Let me see if I have straight what I think I think you mean...
    You have a 3.5mm audio cable plugged into your headunit from the laptop and you are getting audio feedback through your headunit when you plug in the touch screen overlay to the USB port? Is that what you are saying?

    If the noise is coming from the device itself, then its probably just an inverter or maybe choke whine.

    If the noise is going through the audio cable and coming from your headunit, then you could use a ground loop isolator.

    I'm no expert, but that's what I would try.
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