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  • MB Problems / Question

    Hey everybody.
    I finally found all of the connectors that I needed for Infrared's LCD controller/Inverter. I'm using a Sharp LQ104V1DG11 screen.
    I also have a Sproggy 2.8 powering a small atx intel board (I can't recall the name) a celery 366 and a Maxtor 40G HD.

    Anyway, I brought the computer inside to test the lcd. When I powered the computer up the lcd would flash momentarily then go blank. The green light on the controller was flashing so I assumed I just needed to adjust the backlight. Once the backlight pot reached a little more than halfway max, the lcd started showing color, nothing legible, just washing out with different color. At the same time that color started appearing on the lcd, the fans on my computer started slowing down. Ok, power draw. I figured it was just too much for the inverter.

    So I swap everything over to an AC PSU and try again.
    Now the computer acts just like an Epia on a Sproggy. It will start up and run for about 5 seconds and then just shut off.

    Now the question: Did I kill the MB?


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    have you check for shorts?


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      The MB, PS,& HD all worked before I tried out the LCD so unless I wired something incorrectly with the LCD/Controller/Inverter it should work now.
      The Inverter was powered directly fom the PS, no there was no voltage draw through the MB.
      Calrification: The computer is shutting down on its own without the LCD/Controller/Inverter connected. Basically, back to the original state it was in when it worked.
      Can the MB be damaged from low voltage? I would have thought it would just shut down.