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D201GLY2 hybernate resume

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  • D201GLY2 hybernate resume

    Hi guys,
    i'm running xp on intel d201gly2 with 512mb ram.
    Now, when i select hybernate , the system goes down but the problem born to resume from hibernate state.

    So .. i need to hold on power switch to wake-up and try to start and often it's does not work.. ( if you look, normally just a simple touch need to wake-up system...)
    i have connected power switch to M1 atx so automatically switch on motherboard with +12(key).

    The only way to restart machine it's to remove main power .. and just restart with a strange message "the system goes down due to a temperature problem...".. press ok and continue.

    What can i do to work correctly with hibernate state, unfortunatly this intel d201gly does not support s3 mode..

    thanks to all.
    sorry for bad english!