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Can Anyone Recommend A Good TV Tuner?

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  • Can Anyone Recommend A Good TV Tuner?

    Analog TV is now a thing of the past in the USA...everything has gone digital. I am looking for a good, inexpensive digital TV tuner for my carpc that is not resource heavy and has decent reception. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    anyone? i know the post is old..but looking as well
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      slingbox and 3g internet is the only way to go.. broadcast quality, no antenna needed, full home cable access (if you have extra channel's) SNO


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        In the US, digital over-the-air (OTA) broadcast are available in 2 formats: ATSC, the one you get at home and mobile DTV. ATSC is designed for use with a fixed antenna, and it's performance in a moving car is no better (if not worse) than the old analog system. Mobile DTV, on the other hand, is designed specifically for use "on the move". That's the good news. The bad news is it's only available in a few markets, really hasn't gotten any significant traction in the marketplace, and the range isn't particularly good. If you're close to the transmitter... works great. Get out on the fringes and it's back to the same old random loss of audio or signal.

        If you only want it while you're stationary, just about any TV dongle (pinnacle comes to mind) should work with a decent antenna. There used to be a couple of mobile DTV dongles available on Amazon, but I don't see them any more. They came with proprietary tuner software that doesn't integrate with RR or Centrafuse very well and wasn't at all touch-friendly (I've have both of them).

        My guess is this technology is dead. Get an ATSC dongle and a good antenna, and enjoy it while you're parked.

        (edit: What Sno said....)