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Possible to power car deck in computer?

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  • Possible to power car deck in computer?

    Hi guys, this is not as much car audio as it is trying to use a car part in my computer at home.

    I would like to incorporate a cd deck with my computer and I am simply wondering if they can be powered from a regular power supply? enermax dreamweaver

    let me know plz
    I would like to see if anyone has ever done it

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    in theory yes, you can power it via the 12v rail of your power supply, but i dont know how you will get sound out of it
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      the theory is correct, but there is some problems that will arise.

      1. i have never powered a deck off a pc-psu with a computer connected-- always just the deck. and it works fine, up to about half volume, then the psu usually shuts down and needs to be reset. i have done this with 2 psu's i have-- both were rated for about 12-15A on the 12v line(most decks have a 10A fuse, so in theory, i should run out of volume before running out of power..) this leads me to believe that there is not enough current on most psu's 12v line to do this..(there are usually multiple 12v traces in a psu, but i didn't tie them together, so this could resolve the problem)

      2. i don't think i would recommend doing this with a pc getting power as well-- the deck might turn on, but one or the other could cause emi issues(i have a stereo sitting next to a pc in one room, and i cannot listen to the fm radio while the pc is on), or could cause the psu to shut off like i detailed above.

      3. there is no sound quality issues-- it is still 12v dc--just like the decks were made for..
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