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  • help picking a carpc

    hi everyone,

    there is too many choices and variations for a PC, so I was hoping I can get assistance with narrowing down the options with a recommendation.
    I have the screen, I need to build the PC , I need:
    - preferably nvidia next gen ION
    - dual core
    - wifi (if not, I can always buy the dongle)
    - around the US$300-US$450
    - dont care if it is fanless or not
    - minimum 4 USB ports

    I am happy to have a already-built unit like the zotac zbox familly, or to build it from parts.
    don't care about brands either, Intel, AMD, etc...

    IF you need more info, just ask

    much appreciated.

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    forgot to say, 2GB ddr3 ram minimum
    100+GB HDD

    eventually I will have voice activated actions, OBII connection and 2 slave screens for the back seats.


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      any of the Nvidia ION boards should be able to do 2 screens. You won't be able to do 3 unless you add a second card afaik. They also have plenty of USB ports.

      This one is a dual core Atom classic:

      This one is pinetrail based:

      You probably won't benifit at all from the pinetrail atom since you won't be using the on-die GPU. I'd go with the 330 (which is what I did, and I love me that first board).
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        cool, tnx