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Motherboard for new CarPC install

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  • Motherboard for new CarPC install

    I am putting together a carpc for the first time and ordered this MB:

    It's an ASRock ION 330 what do you guys think.

    I Hope an M2-ATX will be enough to power this, my 8" lilliput, usb powered dvd drive, SSD, GPS antenna, and a couble of usb HID devices.

    What do you think?

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    have you read the FAQ's?
    My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
    "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

    next project? subaru brz
    carpc undecided


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      Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
      I kind of wanted opinions of anyone here that has had experience with this, our a similar board.


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        I went ahead and ordered this board. I read a review and with a burn in test maxing out both cores I NEVER drew more that 40w. That's pretty good, should be low heat too. for $124 it's not overkill on budget and gives room for plenty of expansion. I wnat to run a second video zone eventually for the kids as well. 2 Player SNES in the back seat FTW. I mean I this board, 2 GB of CAS lat. 7 ddr3 and a 64 GB ssd for less than 300. I'm excited.


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          On another note, Win7 starter (what probably is on the laptop) is ****. I bought my wife a netbook with a single core atom and it ran like crap. I threw win 7 unltimate 32bit and looked up a couple site for optimization settings and it runs great. not an outstanding multitasking machine but it's more than adaquate for her.