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New Qualcomm processor on the horizon, ideal carpc processor?

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  • New Qualcomm processor on the horizon, ideal carpc processor?

    Dual core snapdragon ARM processor, done on a 28nm process.

    Better hardware video acceleration, more power on the processor side, with, according to the article, up to 75% power reduction.

    This kind of thing, if it gets released on a beagleboard or similar could be the kind of thing that really gets the carpc community going!

    Imagine a processor with low enough power draw to run 24/7, but enough power to run multiple screens or video + gps and everything else you want in a general car computer environment. Built in 3G / LTE for internet access as well, all in one tiny little unit!

    I know that some will require more power (I'm looking at Hijack on this one!! hahaha), but for the regular car computer, something with this kind of processing power, and low power draw, could help to provide a more standard hardware package for the car computing community.

    Sure, it would have to run Linux, and all of the difficulties in that regard (migrating windows users to linux, different development environments, driver issues, etc), but maybe these kinds of situations would help push development of linux ICE, remember, demand creates innovation!

    Your thoughts guys?

    (And is it just me, or are we getting a lot of deep and meaningful discussions about both the future of car computing, and what we do as a whole lately? I'm definitely not complaining, its been REALLY refreshing seeing us discuss this all in the open.)

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    i am still not sure on the 24/7 stuff-- being that there is still possible issues with teh current market of igep's not being able to do this.

    according to the press release, they will be releasing small quantities next year for potential customers to use, so i think it would be realistic to think that the chip would not be available to the consumer-level market for at least 2-3 years from now.. and there is a lot that could change by then

    so far, it looks like OM is making some progress on getting everything to run on the igep, and i would consider this great progress getting a super-low power, reliable solution to carpc-ing. this could further make that easier to get into carpc's..
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      The embedded and server worlds are where Linux runs the show.

      Don't count x86 out of the race just yet. Oaktrail is coming...
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