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any motherboard with video out

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  • any motherboard with video out

    anyone know some brands that have all in one sound vga out but with video out too? I realize that amptron Mb have it , because I read it in a topic but how can I know if a Mb
    have video out?
    Thank you

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    I found one with a cyrix 200mGX for $80 at:

    Call Betty Sun at 800-827-2850.


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      Madcow, have you had any problems with the Tatung board?

      Anyone know of any others? Please provide model number and or website.


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        Supermicro makes some small microATX boards with tv-out. 370SED, 370SWT ans P3SED i believe...the only PC Chips group(amptron and the like)motherboard with tv out as an option is the 766. Asus makes some boards with tv-out as an option. It is hard to find places that sell the boards with the tv option(I haven't found one yet). but you can find the supermicro boards are easy to find with pricewatch


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          DSo , the Amptron main boards have tv out? because in the specification doesn´t say that , only says in board sound and vga out
          Thank you


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            Does any one know of any PC104 or biscut PCs that support STR?
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              Amptron boards are actually made by PCChips, so bear that in mind when you purchase one. Rather, purchase two since one will be bad.

              They do not have TV out, but they do have integrated audio/VGA/LAN/Modem. I use one in my player.
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                I'm gonna go with this..

                Shuttle FV24

                - Onboard Audio and Video w/ tv-out, 10/100 Mbit LAN
                - I/O: 1 serial port, 1 parallel port, 2 PS/2, line-in, line-out
                - i pci slot

                perfect size for my MP3BOX...

                go check it out:

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                I habn't done that much...
                but I'm working on it...
                hehe..........but I really want MP3box.
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