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FM radio capability without head unit.....????

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  • FM radio capability without head unit.....????

    HI guys. I got a problem... My head unit and everything I had in my car got stolen a month ago... What I did was buy another amp and I use the rca cables that were already run in my car to attach my laptop to the amplifier....

    So now, I use my laptop as an mp3 player, I just about the TM-701L in dash LCD to view the laptop in the dash....

    Now, the problem is FM radio.... What should I do???? does anyone have any ideas??? Should I just get a portable walkman type thing???

    Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how to get FM radio reception without a head unit. I can use anything with a headphone output jack....

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    Since you are using a laptop I would suggest a walkman type device.

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      you can get those little USB style FM radios for like $20 on ebay. they are supposed to use a standard dipole? antenna but i think we could figure out a way to add a plug for a regular car ant. cable. im sure a trip to radio shack and we could get somethign going. its a very small unit too easy to hide. i hear the software sucks though. thoughts?


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        A usb radio would be perfect, however, I only have 1 frekin usb port, and I need it for gps, wireless mouse and other stuff, that I plan on getting... And if i get a usb hub, it will need an external power supply.... What do I do????
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          I got a mini USB hub from bestbuy for like $9.99...they had it onsale for like $5 last week. Anyway, its a 4 port splitter, and does not require an external powersupply.

          edit: quick look on ebay shows this: USB HUB
          thats looks exactly the same as mine. And its going for under a buck right now ($6 shipping tho ). Do a search for "4 usb hub) and it will come up, along with a bunch of other auctions for the same thing.
          Progress here: