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  • newbie here, need opinions

    hell friends, i'm a newbie and amlooking for a caruter that i can run for thigs like surfing the web, checking emails, basically to have a netbook but built ito the car, would like to run XP pro for now but windows 7 at a later point when there are more car pc applications available for win 7. Also looking to do a skin or i guess its called a front so i can just click on on the windows desktop and switch it from a regular pc to a car stereo with NAV, and bluetooth and mp3 and video player just like a regular car stereo. This will be going into my 2002 mercedes clk that has a factory bose system with an bose factory amp. I'm not looking to replace any of my speakers or amp or wiring as i'm not a sound guy and like my factory system. so i was thinking of running this with a seperate touck screen monitor and use the PAK oem 2 to attach those RCA's to the factory wring harness to use my speakers, but i'm not sure if thats possible and if it would sound oem (nothing crazy) or do i need to purchase any other sound cards or something. and also please give me a honest opinion about this sytem. i dont really care about the WIFI because i will be using a AT&T usb data card to connect to the internet on the road and worste case senario i can buy a usb bluetooth and wifi dongle. Let me say thank you in advanced for taking the time to read this and guiding me. and happy new years.

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    Ow. Wall of Text.

    I read it nonetheless, and your plans sound very reasonable.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      paragraphs can always help divide up your thoughts and make it easier to read. otherwiseitallsoundslikethiswhentherearenobreaks.

      not sure what you mean by there not being too many carpc applications for win7..
      many here use win7 in-car with very little issues, including myself..

      there are some programs(very few--almost all are compatible) that don't run consistently on 64 bit OS's, but as long as you stay with a 32bit os, the choice between win7, and xp is really only personal preference..

      for the sound, you can always add a soundcard later if you decided that the onboard sound is not good enough for your tastes.
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        thank you so much for your pointers. I just measured my glove box and the box above is too big for my glove box. so i have to figure out a smaller slution. the monitor will be sitting in a different location so i have to look into making a small car pc cpu and run cables o the monitor.

        Now here is the super nebiw questions:

        1. from what i know i need the motherboard, hard drive, power supply, and sound card, what else do i need to purchase?

        2. is the video card built into thesemini ITX motherboards?

        3. What specifications should i look for in purchasing the motherboard in order to run windows 7 and quick boot?

        4. what specifications should i look for in power supply for auto start and shut off?

        5. would 2gb be enough ram to run the windows 7?

        6. does the mini ITX boards have the sound cards built in or i have to purchase seperate?

        7. How to add AUX for the car pc in order to hookup the sound card to PAK OEM 2 in order to hookup to my factory harness and bose amp?

        8. if the ITX boards already have the sound card and you guys suggest i should buy a seperate sound card, what specifications or brands are good? because i dont want to touch my factory sound system other than getting rid of the my factory stereo and thats why i'm gonna run the pak 2 oem with the factory harness.

        Once again thank you very much for all your help and great pointers.