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  • Computer Case Store Dallas DFW Area

    Ive been out of the dallas loop for awhile been in houston the past 6 years and there ive got directron/axion and a whole lot of other places to go.

    Are there any good mom/pop computer stores around the dallas area, specifically anyone that would carry computer cases flex/itx style..


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    I've had good luck with Directron. You having a bad experience with them?


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      No, not at all directron is an awsome company I used to go by there and pick stuff up at there location off of the beltway, i was just hoping to find someone around here locally that I could swing by and pick one up this weekend.

      I will probably just end up ordering one from them, just wanted to check.


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        Used to be a fairly good place on the corner of Marsh Lane and Beltlline called IDS or IDL or something.

        I also remember there being tons of PC shops in the Addison area.

        That was a few years back though!

        Course the best place ever was the monthly computer fair on Ross Ave downtown - doubt that's still going.


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          Actually the first sat sale still goes on here, thats the first thing i hit when i got back to dallas.


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            check out the owner is into alot of puter stuff ( i mean fans and OCing etc etc) and can order alot of stuiff. i know he carries antec and i have seen some shuttle barebones setups there. if you take 35n past walnut hill then merge to 635E exit Josey lane right turn then pull into the strip mall there. he is one of the vendors at the first saturday salel. if you round the corner there wuill be a small cargo truck his shop is there.

            frys in arlington carries alot of stuff as well. there is alot of flex atx and micro atx on display there. i have not been to the other one though.