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Asus AT5NM10 Thoughts?

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  • Asus AT5NM10 Thoughts?

    Hey guys, Been reading for age's and toying with the idea for a few years, and finally decided to go for it

    Anyway I'm thinking of using this mini ITX board.
    I'm planning on using Ride/road runner so 1gig ram should be more than enough. not decided on OS yet.

    But the board itself should be ok?
    Also what power supply would you guys recommend for it?
    (2x usb / bluetooth & usb harddrive.)

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    RE: Asus AT5NM10 Thoughts?

    Hey Keir,

    I recently received this same board at christmas. I haven't installed it into the car as of yet but I have done some simple testing on the bench.

    Current setup includes:
    Asus AT5NM10 w/Intel D510 Atom
    1gb DDR2 -800 PC2 6400
    Adata 32gb SSD

    Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix

    Currently I am powering it with a standard 420w ATX power supply but through some reading I am considering the M2ATX for the car installation.

    Current thoughts:

    4-5 sec boot time
    fan-less cooling/ssd = completely silent operation

    2 SATA connections. Slightly limiting unless CD-ROM is on IDE
    Integrated graphics unimpressive. (Could be an issue with Ubuntu)

    All in all, I love the responsiveness of the system during boot. Once it is booted I noticed the OS is a little jerky but I believe that is due to the graphics experiencing challenges. Currently unable to get any 3-D support with dock program or use any of the flashy window animations Ubuntu comes with.

    What OS are you considering. I went with the Atom in hopes that it will support the possible Meego or Android if they receive more development.
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