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ZOTAC Nm10 Itx Atom D510 & VoomPC-2

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  • ZOTAC Nm10 Itx Atom D510 & VoomPC-2

    Hi All,

    Looking to upgrade to this board, just wondering if anyone has installed one into a VoomPC-2 case? With the passively cooled heatsink I wonder if it might be too tall to clear the slot load and HDD that sits above the mobo in this case.

    Also, any ideas if an M2-ATX would power this board ok? I have my Xenarc 8" powered off it, but only a GPS receiver other than that. I use a carnetix hub for the other devices, so they don't draw power from the PC. I'll probably upgrade to an SSD at the sametime as the mobo, so hopefully that will use less power and make the equation a bit better.

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    Quick update, I went ahead and bought it anyway, it does fit but with mods.

    You'll have to ditch the slotload drive, and use the adapter for 2.5 inch drives and mount your HDD in the 3.5 slot using the adapter. The reason is that the SATA cable will foul the heatsink, so it needs to be raised to sit above the top of the heatsink. Depending on the location of your 20 pin plug you might also have to hack off some of your disk mounting tray so that it doesn't rub on the wires coming out of the 20 pin. It's approx 40mm from the bottom of the PCB to the top of the heatsink.
    Deathstar Worklog