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Steering wheel switch feature replacement question.

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  • Steering wheel switch feature replacement question.

    I am looking for a hardware recommendation for the following situation.

    I am using a Pontiac G8 Instrument panel cluster as part of my LS3 engine swap into a 2000 S-type Jaguar. I don't want to try to use the G8 steering wheel buttons/scroll switches in order to access the IPC display/features. The G8 uses a resistive network to activate various car features. For my application, I only need 3 switches. 1. Trip computer (980 ohms, and simulate a "no switch pressed" resistance value of 7.07K Ohms) 2. A switch for "scroll up" 3. A switch for "scroll down" - no resistors, just momentary contact switches.

    I am looking for a 3-5 position momentary switch module that I can attach on or near the steering column and route wires to the IPC. I may consider using one of the Sony remote joy sticks, but then I'll have to deal with matching up the resistances.

    Has anyone seen something that I can adapt to my needs?
    - I would prefer direct wiring in this case and don't want to use IR or any S/W adaptations.