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    im new to this carputer thing and was wondering what do u do so that the harddrive wont get damaged when the car hits a pot hole. i know a regular pc hardrvie will get damaged when its running and its get bumped.

    also ive seen this already prebuilt carputers on the web are they worth it. is there soemthing special about them like the case or some specail cooling feature or are they just reagular mirco atx pc's

    also i see that some of you also have regular radios along with your carputers is it nessaccry to have both or can u just have the pc.

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    1) each hard drive has a different shock rating. if you check the specs on the box or website it should list it. most will take a suprisingly large amount of shock. if you want to be really safe, invest in a laptop hard drive. theyre smaller and more durable. personally im not concerned about it. if something goes wrong ill just try to rma the drive

    2) Its up to you whether its worth it or not. theyre usually more expensive thatn a custom built system. youd have to give me a specific example of one to tell you if it has anything special

    3) some pepople like to keep their decks some dont. you dont have to, you can run everything from the computer (this is my goal).
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      Please use the search function. You will find that this topic has been covered thousands of times.

      There is nothing special you have to do to protect the hard drive, though laptop drives are a little more rugged then desktop drives.
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        thanks for the info on the harddrives.

        heres another question that i have aswell

        i have a 2k maxima gle with digital ac controls rt below the stero the stero is a bose with cd and bose speaker system i want to put on either a
        (sorrry i dont know the brand name and model or if its even a touch screen)

        or a xneoarc 700TS™ / 700TSV (and if someone could tell me the diffrence of the two)

        so my question is i want to take out the digital ac controls and make it so that the computer can control the ac system as well. any1 know if this is possible

        and heres the custom made car pc's i was talking about


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          The Xenarc screens have VGA input, and the other one you listed only has s-video and RCA.

          The 700TS has one VGA input and one RCA input. The 700TSV has one VGA input and two RCA inputs.

          Basically for the mini computer, its convience. its a bit hard to fit everything in the small space, but if you have a bit of experience with computers and wood working its pretty easy. the mini computers cost a lot more then it would to just buy all the parts separetely.

          i think it would be fairly hard to set up the computer to control the ac system, although if you have electronics expereince it might be possible.
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            Originally posted by Charliey

            i think it would be fairly hard to set up the computer to control the ac system, although if you have electronics expereince it might be possible.

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