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[Tutorial] Alternative way for the No Working After Hibernate/On Hibernate Resume

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  • [Tutorial] Alternative way for the No Working After Hibernate/On Hibernate Resume

    Here have some topics with that, but its hard to "find" this 2 programs in same time...

    please, dont "look" the bad english =x i will correct it

    so im here to make it easy for some guys dumb like me

    i use windows xp professional in the car pc with a d510mo mb. for me its a good solution... for some guys can help too, sorry for who not

    (The Program that open another when you are going to hibernate or resuming)

    2) Download the HibernateTRIGGERbats.rar in topic attachment

    in this file you have:

    a) resumirhibernate.bat
    in the file this command: devcon.exe enable USB\VID_xxxx*

    b) suspenderhibernate.bat
    in the file this command: devcon.exe disable USB\VID_xxxx*

    3) Download the Devcon.exe from microsoft, in the attachment you have 2, one for win32 and another for win64
    take the one that you need..

    TO DO:
    1) Install the SuspendTrigger

    TO MAKE THINGS EASY, CREATE IN THE CARPC C:/ a folder called CarPCHibernate

    put in this folder, devcon.exe
    put in this folder, the 2 .bat files, resumirhibernate and suspenderhibernate

    now we have to get the USB port that you want to disable when hibernate and enable when resume...

    open cmd command line, type cd.. (2x) so you will have c:>, type cd CarPCHibernate, so you will have C:/CarPCHibernate>, now type devcon.exe status USB\* (enter)

    you will receive all the usb ports...

    like this image ->

    look the 4 numbers VID_XXXX&

    you need this 4numbers, look for the line that is for you touchscreen or another usb that you want and take the 4 numbers(maybe letters too)

    now go to the resumirhibernate.bat (Open using one text editor like wordpad)
    so you have

    devcon.exe enable USB\VID_xxxx*

    change the xxxx for the 4numbers of the usb that you want

    eg. devcon.exe enable USB\VID_A401*

    edit than save..

    do the SAME with the SAME numbers in the suspenderhibernate...

    now go to your desktop (if you already installed the hibernateTRIGGER, if not, so install now)

    open the Hibernate Trigger.

    in the first path, select the resumirhibernate.bat
    and the second, select the suspenderhibernate.bat

    Tic the Make this program minimized, than press minimize button...

    Done, when you hibernate a fast CMD window will open for a second, do the command to disable and close the DOS window, and when you resume it will open another DOS window do the command to resume and will auto-close.

    so be happy without ******ng non working touchscreen after hibernate

    PS: it solved my problem
    PS2: i use windows xp
    PS3: i use BRAVIA TOUCHSCREEN (i think its a brazilian screen)

    and the last, SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH i will correct later, now i have to go =/

    good lucky

    and dont forget, im noob too =(
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    no, until now =x,


    but this is a little bit easy

    you only need this 2 programs and the 2 .bats, i think anyone can do this in less than 5minutes
    dont need the autoit...

    1) Download all
    2) Install trigger
    3) Put all in the same folder
    4) Get the usb vid_xxxx of the port using cmd, devcon.exe status USB\*
    5) Change the xxxx in resumirhibernate.bat, suspenderhibernate.bat with the vid xxxx from step4
    6) Run Trigger, select resumirhibernate.bat one first path and in the second the suspenderhibiernate.bat

    6step solution... =/

    but no problem, can delete this, i dont used the search correctly and a lot of guys do this too =(