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Airpanel V110P DISPLAY-10.4"

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  • Airpanel V110P DISPLAY-10.4"

    I have one of these laying around the house collecting dust and while picking up my morning tacos i just hit me that i could use this in my truck for friends to control music or nav. I drive a very big 4X4 Excursion and go to the beach allot and it would be nice to take this outside of the truck and have full control of my system form far away, it works on my network so i can take it as far as it will reach. Has anyone use one before?

    I'm not sure if i can post links so just type ViewSonic APV110P Airpanel on Amazon. The only bad thing is it will only with with windows XP but i have not looked for second hand drivers for other OS.


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    not that i know of. i breifly considered making my own solution using a wireless usb hub, and usb monitor-- the battery charging, and overall cost was the biggest hurdles..
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