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LED lighting help needed looking for controller

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  • LED lighting help needed looking for controller

    I don't know if you guys can help me but I'm looking for a good rgb led controller that can switch to almost any color INCLUDING ORANGE and also be activated by sound. I looked on oznium but there you have to buy to separate modules and that just seems dumb. I understand i have to have specific led's for them to be able to cycle through any color but right now I'm just trying to find a controller that is both sound activated and can do any color... specially orange. lol. So if you guys know of a good one I'd really appreciate ya pointing me in the right direction. Thanks!

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      YES.... I do...

      pm me

      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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        Okay, here are some things that I've managed to find. You just tell me what you think.

        This one is almost everything that i need for my car but it only does red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, white, and purple. Why no orange??? I really need orange. lol

        This one does every color imaginable but it isn't sound activated...


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          I suggest you PM Mitch as he mentioned a couple of posts back. This will solve your problem, and then some
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            Am I missing something? Or the controller?

            Originally posted by spacegravity4me View Post
            Why no orange??? I really need orange.
            Originally posted by spacegravity4me View Post
            it only does red.... yellow....
            Am I confusing addition & subtraction (magenta cyan yellow; RGB)?


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              i don't know how this crap works...


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                Maybe you should find out....

                Remember Primary Colors? They are colors from which you can make any other color.

                The minimum is 3, but you can have sets of 4, 5, 6 etc.

                Oldskoolers were taught red, yellow & blue were the Primary colors.
                Less ancient people are taught magenta, cyan and yellow, or red, blue, green.
                (The difference is one is color addition, the other is subtraction - I'm sure wiki will explain that fairly well. Mixing paints is the opposite to electronics like LEDs & screens (I forget which is addition and which subtraction - I think paints are the latter).

                With paint, orange is red & yellow.

                And there will be a primary set that uses orange as one of the prime colors.... (There is an infinite number of primary colors.)

                All those controllers do is go thru all the intensity combinations for all 3 (or 4) lights/LEDs etc. But most are optimised to avoid "problems" (like blue is dimmer for the same power than green & red...).


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                  I'm thinking about going with this one. It does all the colors I need and it can be sound activated. Only thing now is finding out which led strips i need to buy.


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                    Orange, with the RGB LED strips is 100% Red, and like 10% of green or so, depending on the shade of orange that you want.

                    This was taken with my iPhone, and really does not capture the color that well, but trust me it is definitely a deep orange in person.
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                      I've used these in my Toyota Tacoma for ambient lighting. Bright, well made and they do Orange to match my gauges.

                      RGB Module



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                        I found these today. I think this is what I've been looking for.


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                          well i ordered this kit thinking i would be able to choose a color and have that color blink to music. Instead when the music plays the lights blink to the music but cycles through all the colors instead of staying one color. All of this is nuts. If there's a controller that lets you choose from many colors then it doesn't have a built in mic so it doesn't do sound mode. If it DOES have sound mode then, just like the kit I bought, it only cycles through colors when it blinks to the music. It's so aggravating. lol. I'm really about to just give up and go buy some stupid led strips from autozone. I used to have some blue one and I liked them... :/ anybody got any ideas?


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                            All I see with that product is that it reacts to the beat. There is nothing about frequency to color....

                            You want something like the old "MusiColors" - filters that modulated typically 3 or 4 colors.
                            You don't want "chasers" etc.

                            Maybe just connect orange LEDs across the speaker(s)?