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CarPc W7 Hibernate/Resume and USB/Boot issues [SOLVED all but 1]

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  • CarPc W7 Hibernate/Resume and USB/Boot issues [SOLVED all but 1]

    Hi gents,

    Am hoping someone wiser than me can give me a hand on these issues:

    I have recently (re)built (from scratch) a car PC I purchased from someone else. I know it's probably not the best in the world as having done some research there are bits I would have done differently, but it needs to have an NTSC RGB out > video adapter box > Jag OEM satnav screen, so I believe the mobo choices were limited...

    Specs are as follows:

    M2-ATX PSU -
    1 GB -
    SATA HDD - think its 160Gb...?
    OS - W7 32 Bit Ultimate Edition [edit] NOW RUNNING XP SP3 - See further down threads for explanation
    Frontend - Riderunner with DFX5.03

    With regards to me, I'm not a total PC noob (I build my own PCs and dabble with the registry/bios/hardware etc - so I can find settings/delve deeper into Windows, I just don't understand it all!) but the whole combining car with PC is a new one on me - so please pitch your answers accordingly!

    I'll start with what I think are the easy ones first...

    1) On boot up, the system goes into a loop after the POST screen until the USB 4 port un-powered hub is unplugged. It seemed to work ok initially when I re-installed W7, but then started exhibiting this behaviour at a later date (can't say whether due to software update or hardware addition tho)... What I suspect, from a bit of googling, is that I need a powered hub in order to get this to work - I have a USB mouse which works fine if plugged in alone to USB cable under armrest. If hub is plugged in, it does the 'loop' even with nothing plugged into it. Once past the POST screen the hub can be plugged in and it works fine. Any further ideas/comments? EDIT- Have had another play just now, it looks like the computer is resuming as advertised, just not the video screen... (which resumes on 2nd key turn - computer already seems to be mid-boot) could this be a bios setting issue??

    2) If the powered hub is the way to go, I'm thinking of making up a USB power cable using the M2-Atx Molex connector and splicing it to the power feed of USB 5m cable which runs to the armrest (using this guide - I believe this will give it a stabilised, ignition switched feed like the rest of the computer and I've also read that feeding from PSU is better than taking feed from mobo USB??

    This cable will be used to feed a 7 port powered hub under the armrest (which itself has a supplied USB power cable) -

    The only bit that is making me wonder, is that the power cable that comes with the above hub, must also do the data transfer?? Am thinking I'll probably have to configure it with 2 plugs spliced at the computer end = Molex (power - black and red wire - connected to mobo), USB (data - green and white - connected to USB port at back of comp), leading along 5m cable to a single female plug under armrest, for me to connect the male Hub power/data cable. Does this sound feasible? Also, will there be a power drop along a 5m cable (i.e. will it work?!)

    3) Have set PC to Hibernate when power button is pressed for faster boot up/shutdown (the power button function is connected to the ignition sensing circuit of the M2-Atx). It seems to work correctly other than after it has hibernated, it only resumed on the 2nd key turn. On the 1st, the display appears to power on briefly but nothing else happens... I am familiar with the BIOS settings, at the moment I think it's set to S1&S3 - but I don't really fully understand what these settings do or the advanced power management/suspend/resume side of things. Additionally, I have the M2 ATX jumpered as P1 (Jumper A) as per page 2 of the M2-ATX manual:

    I've read that W7 can have issues with hibernate, but was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar issue?? - Some googling revealed that perhaps Bios should be set to S4 which is Hibernate vs S3 = sleep??

    4) I'm using S3 video driver in order to allow the Windows screen position to be altered so it's centred. I can do this through Advanced properties using the S3 Display tab and then clicking TV and Advanced settings. I adjust the screen using the on-screen arrows and then Apply and hit refresh on desktop. Setting is fine until re-start or resume where it is lost... Any ideas? - Am wondering if this is down to S3 App not running on windows start/resume (only works when go via Screen Resolution on right click to desktop...

    5) Audio levels - I am using RR and Garmin Mobile PC (integrated into one of the skins). I have found I can adjust the levels (so that Satnav volume in Garmin app is higher than media player sound output) via the systray volume control mixer for each app when they are running. Is there any way to save these volume settings (or alternative method) so they are kept on shutdown/hibernate? EDIT - I've just coded a button in RR to give me a skin where I can access the mixer (SndVol.exe) while in RR, which is a sort of fix...

    6) In addition to point 5, I am using an AI Net switcher that switches to the computer output when the levels are high enough. This works fine when music is playing as it's always on, but if am just using the GPS with no music, returns to static (radio - headunit - when aerial is down) between commands, is there any way of keeping it switched all the time (wondering if there's a way of getting computer to produce a live signal when garmin app is running or maybe just when comp is running - I wondered if a quick an dirty 'frig' would be to have a few hours of 'silence' playing in the background, but not very elegant solution!)

    Many thanks in anticipation, if you need any more info in order to answer, please ask!

    Mark (mistral_blue)
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    Kind of sad replying to my own thread, but as no-one else has posted yet and as I've had several breakthroughs today, I thought I'd post an update:

    1) USB POST loop - Plugged USB powered USB hub off EBay which arrived today into extension (in place of cheapie 4 port hub). All worked ok and appears to be booting from cold ok now.

    2) USB power cable - As above (not required now)
    3) Hibernate/resume issue - A bit of a Eureka moment today I think I've worked out what the M2 board was trying to achieve and why the display was dark on the first key turn... I suddenly worked out that turning the key from ignition to start counted as a 2nd pulse. Therefore all I needed to do was turn key to ignition (computer starts to boot) and wait for car self-test to complete as normal, then turn to start and release - screen then powers on and computer is part way through boot up (I hadn't tried this before because I didn't want to keep starting and stopping the engine, so was just using ignition on/off - hence the confusion!). I'm guessing here (it's not obvious from the manual) that this is an intended feature, either way, it's doing what I want it to now. Only thing is, if I want to use PC without starting engine, I need to do 2 key turns, leaving ignition/accessory on on the 2nd turn, which I can live with!

    4) S3 Video driver - Managed to install Hyperion drivers so that S3 icon comes up in Systray. Still seems to lose desktop position on a restart though. Anyone know how save the settings/modify the W7/S3 ini/registry etc files so that it will remember the position?

    5) Audio levels - I've coded a button in RR to give me a skin where I can access the mixer (SndVol.exe) while in RR, which is a sort of fix, allowing me to set the volume levels while in RR. Just need to see if the comp keeps them after hibernate resume cycle now (which I'm hoping it will if both RR & Garmin apps are running when it goes into hibernation)

    6) AI Net live signal to keep switcher across for Satnav only use (intermittent sounds) - Still waiting for inspiration on this one...
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      Still no responses... but I've made more progress myself!

      4) S3 Video driver - In the end, decided to flatten it and XP(SP3) vs W7 as the EPIA-EX drivers were stopped after XP and the ones available are for XP. I re-booted into Windows with the 4 in 1 and VGA drivers installed and then used Display Adjust on the TV tab to alter the display... still wasn't remembering the position. I then tried Right Clicking on TV and setting as PRIMARY display, this then appeared to work. Set up RR etc and took a risk on no Avast and Spybot (system resource hogs). Updated everything and just to go back in the car now. Boot up and shutdown is very quick (including Hibernate too), especially for XP (we're talking 15 secs to Windows/RR) and about the same to shutdown (as I tried to minimise the install in terms of all the extra *****e that tends to slow things down. Will post an update when it is working in the car, but am confident... One down-side is that I had to reinstall Garmin... which now means I have to get the key reactivated by them... *sigh* It also wasn't quite as easy in terms of plug n play for all my additional devices, but I think I got there in the end (still not sure about USB tethering for phone though, but that's not important at the mo)


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        Just a note to say hi, I hope you get things sorted.

        Consistent and reliable resume from different suspend states is an ongoing issue with a lot of systems. Every system has its own set of hardware/ software problems so individual installations are hard to diagnose unless others have had a similar system and have already solved the problem.

        USB drivers and the interaction of software to the USB driver/port just as the system goes into its powered down state is often the cause of hangs and device not ready screens on resume.

        Garmin has various problems with the GPS-mouse and software. I use it and seem to have has less trouble than some others, however every so often the USB GPS mouse will not initialise. There are software hanging issues with Garmin just read the Garmin forum. I have most of these eliminated by automated detection and re-initialisation of Garmin hardware and software in my custom front-end.

        I use an M4 not the M2, however two on/off actions sounds like a screen issue, especially as the PC is starting up ok. Due to my system requirements I actually power my screen from two sources, the +12v line from the M4-ATX and the +12 accessory line. Powering from the PSU can be a problem if the screen in not a LED backlit unit.

        Best of luck with the system.
        Palm sized ainol MiniPC, 8" Transreflective PRO, Win10, Reverse camera, Dual 10HZ GPS RX's for Speed Display & Sat Nav, FM-DAB & Phone Modules, iDrive interface. T-Screen HVAC control, custom microcontrollers, microcode and FE.


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          Thanks - Well finally solved the audio issue. Having tried an audio switcher and even a pre-amp as well but still getting breakthrough on quiet passages, I made my own custom AI Net cable, which preserves the link from the DVD unit to the car while splicing in the Red/White audio feeds, thus keeping it always live so it doesn't drop out... CD player still works too which is a bonus (not that it will be used much with huge MP3 collection now...