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Fusion Brain Factory Buttons.

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  • Fusion Brain Factory Buttons.

    So most of my setup was originally done by a mate of mine.. As you can see in the pics he wired one of the Xenarc screen buttons into my factory switch panel (I think it's power. To be honest I forgot he did it and never used the button).

    I'm wanting to wire the rest of the buttons to my FusionBrain so I can use them for random functions.

    Can anyone venture to guess what the button puts out and how I would wire it to the FB? Not exactly my strong suit.

    Cheers guys.

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    Ok so after thinking about it a bit.. The factory NAV button you see below isn't powered. So obviouslly a button press is just opening/closing the circuit. If my understanding is correct the FusionBrain needs to see SOME voltage to do anything. So I'm guessing I would have to wire a 5v power source through the button so the FB see's it.

    Could I use the digital out on the FB as a 5V source then back into the Analogue Input?

    Is my thinking here correct or should I lay off the grog?

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    So.. More reading.. Looks like I can actually get 5V from the Analog Inputs. So all I should have to do is wire the button up to an Analogue Input. + to +, - to -. Then the button will make the circuit sending the keystroke?

    Just hoping to get confirmation from someone that actually knows and isn't just guessing like me.

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    Man this forum is dead compared to the old days.


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      Chris at mo-co-so would probably know. Shoot him an email.
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        Hope I am not to late. Looks like we are working on the same thing, I have a 350z with the same or similar nav board. Check out PCJoyCON in the MP3Car store. Not sure if FB will do the job, but this definately will. I also have a FB and could not figure out how you would turn the signal into keystrokes. After speaking with the developer of PCJoyCON this board seems designed for such a purpose. You get a 6 button board included. I am going to run those micro switches to the board and that should be it. Make sure you get the EXR version, that is the latest.

        And yes I totally agree with your comment about forum activity.
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