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HELP! USB HUB FOR Laptop, how do I power it???

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  • HELP! USB HUB FOR Laptop, how do I power it???

    Hi setup is as follows. I have dell laptop with only 1 usb port . I am powering it thru my cig lighter with a targus adaptor. It is placed in the back seat under the passengers seat. Now, I have the tm-701L touch screen which requires a USB port and I also have a TV tuner and fm radio tuner which require a usb port. I bought a 4 port usb hub, but if i don't attach the adaptor which plugs into the wall, my tv tuner and fm tuner won't work!! I guess the power from the single usb port in my laptop is not enough to power all the peripherals without external power. What do I do!! it's so frustrating?? Can i cut the ac adaptor and connect it to 12V dc power????? Please let me know!! Thanks. Any battery powered usb hubs????
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    What model hub did you buy? If it has an external "wall wart" type of supply, it should say what the output voltage and amperage is, as well as the plug polarity. Take that info down to to your friendly neighborhood Radio Shack, and find the 12v DC-DC convertor that matches those specs. Take the hub as well so that you get the correct sized coax connector. If you can get the version that has a short cord between the cigarette lighter plug and the DC-DC transformer, it will be much easier to hardwire into your car's electrical system.


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      Keep in mind that the "amperage" on a wall-wart power supply is the MAXIMUM current that it can supply. You can always build/buy a supply that's overrated, but not underrated.

      9 times out of 10, that USB hub requires a 5V power supply, probably around 1 AMP. That should be easy enough to find or build. Take your pick. If you can't find a suitable plug, cut the one off of your wall-wart.

      just a side note for future searchers: Pins 1 and 4 on your USB cable are the power lines. Pins 2 and 3 are data.