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PC restarts when turning lilliput EBY701 on

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  • PC restarts when turning lilliput EBY701 on

    Hey Everyone,

    I have had my carputer out of a car for about a year now (until i got a new car) and i finally got my new car i wanted to put it in, and got a new motherboard and ran up a new carputer for it.

    I have an EBY701 transflective screen.

    I have lost the remote currently so cant set it to autostart so i have it in a position where i can push the start button.

    Now the issue i am having is when i turn on the screen it causes the pc to restart. I dont know how that is possible though.

    I have an m4atx psu, an asrock dual core 1.8ghz intel NM10 motherboard and 4gb ram with a 2.5" sata hdd.

    The power to the monitor is from one of the 12v rails from the m4atx.

    My initial thought is that the circuit board on the lilliput might be touching something else and shorting? But i havent had a chance to pull it out to have a look yet.

    But what i dont understand is why it restarts the pc when its only connected to the usb and vga of it.

    Just looking for some suggestions to hopefully fast track when i pull it out this weekend

    And just on another note i thought i would *try* windows 7 on this carputer. my old one i had xp and it was only a single core atom, and i would be up and running with music within about 20 seconds.

    Windows 7 however is taking forever. sometimes its 2-3mins before i get a picture on the screen. So i think ill be reformatting back to xp then Very annoying.

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    being that your monitor is powered off the psu, and it uses ccfl backlight, i would say that the high initial draw(required to start ccfl tubes) is temporarily taking too much power off the m4, and the low power state is causing your pc to reboot.

    so a could easy solutions: you could either power it off car power, or use a voltage regulator..

    for your win 7 issues--did you fully reformat the drive, or did you try to do a upgrade? it is possible that there are extra files left over that is causing this..(some clarification might be necessary, but if your going back to xp, might not be worthwhile to mess with-- up to you..)
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      Hey Soundman98,
      thanks for the reply.

      Thats interesting about the monitor, i will have to have a look at that. (i think mine was just before the LED ones)
      THe win7 setup was a complete format brand new setup.
      I dont know what the problem is. when it starts it gets through the ~resuming windows~ screen within about 15secs then the screen goes blank and then about a min or so later centrafuse shows and music resumes playing.

      So i dunno, but it was working fine with xp


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        Looks like you were spot on with the power drain.

        I pulled it out and made sure nothing was shorting and it was still happening. so i am going to wire it up to a different power source.

        Thanks for the suggestion. i probably wouldnt of thought about that.


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          no problem!!
          My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
          "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

          next project? subaru brz
          carpc undecided