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Directed DMHD-1000 HD Radio Serial Connection Pinout!

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  • Directed DMHD-1000 HD Radio Serial Connection Pinout!

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a Directed HD-1000 Radio that I'm attempting to connect to Centrafuse. I originally purchased a DB9 (DE9) to MDIN8 serial cable to connect it directly. However, it seems the cable is from a yamaha keyboard and doesn't use the proper pinout for the radio. The radio "clicks" as centrafuse attempts to reset it, but there is no communication.

    I've spent a bunch of time trying to find a "standard" pinout for this type of cable, but every one I've found is different. Does anybody know the correct pinout for the receiver?

    This is the current (incorrect) input the cable has now:

    This is one I'm thinking might be right?

    Any idea?

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    The easiest thing to do is get mitch's cable.
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      I was looking at his cable, but I'd rather not.
      I want to keep the radio on serial, rather than USB to avoid hibernation issues. I have the radio wired into the PSU power, so I don't need to reset electronics for hibernation.

      It's also as expensive as the whole tuner itself!


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        I DONT make the serial anymore, do to the people wanting USB...

        there are no known usb hibernation issues, when its connected right...
        its more than usb to serial...

        also the tuner is $150+, keep in mind it got blown out to liquidation

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        watch u will damage something!!!! there is 5v out on the minidin!

        no premade cable will be right, its more than jsut connections, there are electronics!
        in my older serial one, was 2 resistors, 1 transistor, and 1 diode

        "Did you test it in carwings??"

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          Hey Mitch,

          Thanks for the reply and warning. Didn't mean to knock your product by any means - it's a completely reasonable price given the volumes and demand for the cables. I'd just rather do what I can myself!

          __________________________________________________ _______

          To anybody interested, here is the pinout for the MDIN8 connector:

          Looking at the male connector, using the numbering here: In Brackets are the corresponding DE-9 signal names to connect to, where known. I need to scope the signals coming from the radio driver to figure out the remaining pins, unless somebody with a cable wants to post up the connections!

          1 - +5V (NC)
          2 - PWR_EN (DTR)
          3 - SSP_RX (TD)
          4 - MUTE (????)
          5 - GND (GND?)
          6 - SSP_TX (RD)
          7 - X NC
          8 - X NC

          Anybody have any idea on the Mute pin?


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            I don't know why my other post didn't come through... I took apart the controller the other day and reverse-engineered the pinouts.

            However, I found this site after, which gives the diagram to make your own serial cable for the DMHD-1000 / HDZ300. It's very simple, and should be about $15 in parts:


            From the site:

            There are detailed instructions to make your own!


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              My carpc's MB, a Zotac z68 Wifi Supreme has a serial com port header on it. I also have the Visteon 3000 receiver which I'm planning to use as my radio. I was wondering since your not making/selling the serial interface anymore, if you would give me the wiring diagram to make my own? I could use one of the USB ports but figured why use up a USB port when I can be using an otherwise unused header.

              My other thought for this Visteon was to use it in conjunction with the CarPC, using a switch to select the computer or radio controls.