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    I am currently looking at setting up an in-car MP3 / DVD Player, and I work in IT Support so setting up the PC etc should not be a problem. However, I have never installed some much of a speaker in my car, and I am a real basic / novice when it comes to knowledge about cars. And I am not sure about the power and inverters etc. I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do, but I am not confident of installing these.

    I am thinking of having an 5" or 7" LCD Screen in the front of my car, as well as a VFD as we have some spare in work, from old E-POS systems. Also, could you setup a 15" TFT Monitor in a car, if you had the space?

    The computer will have to be in the boot of the car (as there is no space in the glove compartment), and run the leads through, with a USB Hub in the front and an external USB DVD-ROM running through underneath the screen. Would like to install a wireless network card to access my MP3's in the house. Bluetooth keyboard, InfraRed Packard Bell Remote, and using WinAmp to play my MP3's. Most of this can be setup easily but it is installing this in the car that really worries me, I have only had the car 8 weeks and really dont want to blow anything up.

    Any help or advice on this project would be greatly appreciated, if you can send the info through to [email protected]. I am meeting with a local company on friday afternoon to discuss them rearranging part of the dashboard to fit in the screen, and to discuss hooking th computer up to the sound in my car. Any website links to detailed plans would be great.


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    If you're putting a TFT screen in your dash, that pretty much negates the need for a VFD character display.


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      Actually I thought about doing the same thing, the TFT for the moving map display, but a character display for the song titles, and spectrum analyser display.

      Just treat the two things as different projects, and what software you want to run...and make sure it all is compatible.
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        Its sounds like you are in the same boat as me. And actually have a very similar setup. As you, I am fine with setting the stuff up in the house, but in the car is another story. What I am doing is going to a local car sterio place and have them do a custom dash, and install. The only problem with this is the cost. I am not sure because I have not gotten an estimate yet but did go over the process with the installer. I am mounting the screen in the dash, moving the AC/Heater controls down, mounting the USb hub and USB DVD drive in the Glove box, and my head unit in the center console. The computer is in the trunk. I actually am using a mid tower case. I don't have the time to build one, and also by using atx I have a few more upgrade options. I bought an opus psu which is pricey but the best option out there (IMO). Anyway, in short I am having someone else install after I finish the computer part.


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          Another reason for having both the LCD Screen and the VFD was so that the song titles would be playing the VFD at night as the LCD would be too bright.

          I think I will go with the same option as above and get another company to fit it all together.

          How do you connect the VFD, is it parallel or serial? And what software do you use to connect WinAmp to the VFD? Are their any VFD Screens with USB that come supplied with Software etc.