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6" linear electric actuator

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  • 6" linear electric actuator

    Hey, new to the forums and just had a quick discussion if you guys could help. i couldn't find a specific forum for this particular problem but yeah here it goes

    i bought a 150$ I.C.I linear electric actuator and what they guy never told me that i needed a module that comes with a switch and a thing you need to plug it in to for it to work

    it has 5 wires 2 of which are black and white and i no those are power and ground and it has 3 other wires. what i assumed is that one would just be a main and the other two are the up and downs, but i tried a few different wiring options and still none thing.

    my question is what are the pin outs? or how could i wire these up to do what i want.

    p.s its for my rear suspension on my mini 110cc atv. so should be interesting. ill post pictures when and if i can get help.

    Thanks guys.

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    My thoughts would be that the 3 wires would go to the 3 points on a spdt switch (common wire, 1 pos for full extend the other position for full retract) or for the outer 2 throws on a triple throw switch to extend or retract a little at a time leaving the centre as off

    i bought an actuator a while ago but it only had 2 wires. hook them to the battery one way would extend it as much as i want the other way would retract so maybe you only need to use 2 of them

    id be careful using it without the required controller as you might burn it out just connecting it directly up to power so do so at your own risk


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      Hey, dont frequent the forum much anymore, but this might be helpful, the three wires that you see of smaller gauge are for the internal potentiometer to tell the controller board the position of the actuator.

      So you need something that can read the variable resistance of the internal pot and tell the actuator motor where to move if this is the desired operation. Since you really didnt elaborate on the desired operation I can only speculate.

      Or you can do it manually by running a 3 position DPDT toggle switch, and manually adjusting the positioning or the actuator using the power wires.