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Options on screen setup, need your ideas!

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  • Options on screen setup, need your ideas!

    Been working on my setup for awhile and have 95% of the screen setup complete. The rear is going to get 4 VM70 screens, one 19 inch flip down, and 1 Lilliput EBY701 in the front dash.

    Now the issue that has always been plaguing me is the two screens I want in the dash top. I was going to use motorized screens, but they seem to very rare and when one does come out, its plagued with [email protected] gears and what not. I did try sun visor screens, but that didn't work because of all the cabling.

    What options do I think I can try? I was going to try two of these:

    I would have to think of a way to make it hide though.

    I would love to try a USB screen and put that in the visors, but then I run into a big issue. My setup has two computers and uses a KVMP switch per seat to allow the users to switch between the two. It is able to switch the touchscreen flawlessly from pc to pc, but I am not sure how it will work with a USB VGA adapter. Has anyone ever tried such a thing? If this works, I can have visor screens.

    What USB screens do you recommend for testing? If you know of a small VGA touchscreen, that would be awesome and has thin wires, please do tell!
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