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Info on hidden car cameras somewhere?

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  • Info on hidden car cameras somewhere?

    I've always wanted to hide a few cameras and a microphone in my car but I can't seem to find any good info on how to actually do it. Every time I google it I just get a million ads for cheap crappy cmos button cameras.

    Has anyone actually hidden a decent camera in their vehicle that would actually pick something up in low light that people aren't going to readily notice? I live in a highish crime area and would like to be able to actually catch someone if I got my vehicle prowled or stolen

    What do the bait cars use?

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    I picked up a few Sony CCD chipset cameras from I've ordered from them 3x w/out an issue, and they're overseas. Great shipping times, too. They have a couple low (.01) LUX cameras on there reasonably priced that actually take a very, very good black and white video image. Check them out here:


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      just be very careful with your local police(if you were to get pulled over with such a system)-- in certain states, it is illegal to record police conversions. if they find out, it can be some serious fines..
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