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Options for good quality sound from Carputer to speakers

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  • Options for good quality sound from Carputer to speakers

    Maybe I have been searching for the wrong thing, but I cant find any really good way to get the sound from the Carputer to the speakers.

    I have found the topics discussing SPDI/f to and Amp with SPDI/f input, but the only amps are Refurbished and have to be powered on with a remote everytime you get in the car.

    Or installing a head-unit somewhere in the car (and I assume plugging the sound from the 3.5" on the sound card to the AUX input on the headunit) then running that to a regular amp. I haven't found anyone that has done this and just been really happy with the sound, maybe there is and I have missed it.

    Are those really the only two options? I have considered taking the SPDI/f out on the MOBO to a digital to analog converter then to a regular amp, but I am worried about the background noise/buzzing going that route and sound quality.

    If anyone has any good suggestions I would really appreciate it as this is the last piece I am trying to hammer out before ordering all my equipment and starting my install on my 2007 Ford Explorer.

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    you missed one option.

    pc speaker out to amps.

    what kind of 'good quality sound' are you talking about? are you interested using the system in sound quality competitions?

    in most cases, if the onboard won't provide decent enough quality, a soundcard will usually do the trick-- all while staying in the analog realm..

    a good install---no matter if it uses a head unit, or pc, should not have any buzzing/humming in the audio signal.period. if it does, something is wrong--typically the wiring...

    (i am running a full active setup off my pc that is just as good sq-wise as any hu, but with way more tuning options.)
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