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  • New Car PC Project

    I have searched, and searched, and searched upon searching, researching and then some .. I am planning out my new project and I want to see what everyone's opinion is. I am a bit of a PC newbie, so I need to make sure everything is going to fit and work together.

    What I want is a system that utilizes Centrafuse and to base my car aound that. I have an 05' BMW 330CI ZHP with the Harman/Kardon stereo/amp. I added a JL 500/1 and a 10W6 w/ KnuKonceptz wiring. It sounds great.

    I know I need to move the HVAC controls down to adequately fit the new Double DIN touchscreen, so I need this bezel:

    Next I need the bezel for the actual lcd touch screen:

    The screen I will be using:

    Now for the actual computer, I might need help.

    Case - Mini-ITX (black):





    Stupid fan that I'm not sure will fit, but it's the smallest one I could find:

    Power Supply:

    And of course things like random cables of massive length, but I think I got everything there. Let me hear some opinions.. Can't wait to start this build!

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    anyone ...


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      PC parts look good – good processor. The system would be really snappy with the right SSD but cost is the problem of course. Have you read the site feedback on that MB and RAM compatibility issues? I assume you are mounting the drive external to the case. Good luck with the project.

      The M4 can cause problems with GPS, FM and Audio in some installations. It’s either an interference generator or power supply with noise, not sure which design goal they set for that.
      If you aren’t running a lot of external power hungry devices you can get away with a smaller PSU or a different High power unit if interference noise will be a problem.

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        i don't know how i missed this..

        i have seen some that use a m2 power supply with a i3, though, when i first started carpcing, i specifically didn't go with a m-series after all the problems(i did try a m4 for a week, and it didn't work..)-- sure they're cheap, but is it really worth it after you spend so much time and money on the other carpc components? i am very happy with my dsatx, and have heard very good things about opus psu's.

        while i am not crazy about 3.5" drives in-car, they will work. though, for power requirements, and space constraints, a 2.5" platter drive, or even better a ssd will do a much better job.

        that specific stick of memory will not work with that board--unless it is backwards compatible, because it is 1600mhz-- the board requires ddr3 1333, or 1066 series ram.
        while i understand the use of dual sticks in a desktop, i am kind of against them in-car. i don't think that there is enough of a speed advantage first off, and in-car, it is twice the possibility that the memory will become unslotted--which is not guaranteed, but is always a possibility with the vibration. just go with a single 2gb stick. while this wouldn't correct this issue, it would minimize it..
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          I'd get the high brightness 669. I think you'll be disappointed with the 250nit one you chose. If you plan on putting it in a double din enclosure, make sure you get the 4 wire version, because the 5 wire is too big and won't fit. If you haven't already verified, email the folks that make that bezel and make sure the 669 will fit.

          I'd stay away from the M power supplies, and get the DSATX or an Opus. Make sure you get accurate measurements on the power supply, and then make sure it will fit in your case. You'll also want to fashion a quick disconnect for power/gnd so you can remove the computer without having to open up the case to disconnect the 12V, IGN, and GND wires.
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            ^ i completely forgot to look at the screen stuff..

            +1 on the brighter screen.

            that bezel your looking at says that its specifically compatible with the zenarc 700ts/700tsv, so it might not work with a lilliput monitor.
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

            next project? subaru brz
            carpc undecided


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              Thank you guys so much, all of the info thus far has been extremely helpful. Like I said earlier, that was just a rough design without going over my budget. I will make changes and post feedback. I will definitely look into another power supply though, I just found that because it's extremely small and seemed to give pretty decent output.

              Thanks again everyone.