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    I have recently purchased a 7" In dash touch screen from digitalww (TM-701L), and am awaiting delivery. I am led to believe that the monitor has 2 Composite inputs (RCA) so you will need to connect it to TV out on your Video card, does anyone have any suggestions as to which video card I should buy? And roughly how much would this cost?

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    i'd look into getting like a geforce 2 or sorts. That'll work with tvtool. I use an ati 32meg card. I think its the rage pro and really like it.
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      ATI is way better for this. I have used nvidia cards with TV out and ATI will kicker there *** hands down for this aplication. ""now with the radeon 9800 pro ATI will kick any gfx card asses"" But thats not the point.

      Point is I think ATI has the best TV out of all the gfx cards.
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        I have an ATI all-in-wonder 8500 in my desktop and I love it. I was thinking in getting an ATI all-in-wonder VE (PCI) to use it with my M10000 board.


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          price range

          what sort of price range would i be looking at to purchase these video cards?