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Home Theater - Computer PSU's trip off when car amp kicks on.

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  • Home Theater - Computer PSU's trip off when car amp kicks on.

    HI guys, been awhile since I poked my head in here!

    ANYwho, I have a 500watt and 300watt computer PSU's connected to a car amp. All 12V (Yellow) lines (-minus the ones in the mobo connector), and all grounds are connected (minus mobo connector ones).

    Both PSU's are hardwired to power on when plugged in. With everything except the remote wire connected they power up fine. The moment the 12V + is connected to turn on the amp, both PSU's shut down. They start up after a power disconnect and maybe 10 seconds.

    The amp is an old MTX 2150. I don't think it's very powerful really. It's driving two serially connected RF Punch HE2's.

    Thanks all.

    EDIT - I now have a MR16 bulb running off the 5V line. Behavior is still the same - touch the 12V jumper to the amp and everything shuts down.
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    because the psu's cannot supply enough power.

    i could pop the internal fuse on a 350w psu using a standard radio at half volume.

    if you are going to be running this way for very long times, i recommend a dedicated high draw power supply such as this-- but one that meets your needs:
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