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    Has anyone had contact with opus in the past couple weeks, I placed an order for a psu on the 20th and have tried emailing them to get some type of response on timeframe but have not recieved any emails back. From the only email I got from them on the 17th when I initially requested info the lead time was 1-2 weeks.

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    I just called them last Tuesday (5/20/2003) and ordered the 150W psu as well. I did not receive any email or confirmation on the order. I finally called today (5/27/2003) and asked why there was no activity on my card or email notification. I was told that the card would not be charged until the PSU is about to be shipped. Also told worst case the PSU would ship out on 5/29.

    I have a feeling they are low on stock and are just getting the supplies back in, yours will probably ship soon.
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      Great news, just wanted to make sure Ive heard that the contact between opus and customers is lacking but as long as I get my psu within the next week or so Ill be fine.

      Thanks alot for the info...


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        I e-mail Opus and spoke with Kris. He states that they're needing additional lead time as they're waiting on parts. He appoligized. I understand everyones concern about communication. I hope they get a little better about that. Also, check at the top of the PSU page as there is now a discount being offered by Opus to MP3Car members.


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          hey dont sweat it took a month to get my opus 150w. Its worth the wait. That device installs very easily and works so well.
          Mine needs to be updated.