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    I know this is not the right place to ask, but I know you out there are technical emminences...

    Ok, I just put my hands on a Daewoo CMC-1701M2 17" monitor (bought it for $35 at an auction!) the thing can go to 1280x1024 at 73Hz but in Win98 it shows the 640x480 resolution as a wide (very wide) cinema ending. I recall there is a way to create your own INF files for monitors (I have the manual, and there are listed the frequencies) anybody could help me?


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    I think that the problem you are describing can be solved just by manipulating the monitor's hardware controls.

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      I tried already that. Without touching the controls the image in the low resolutions take a third of the height posible, using the controls I almost get it to half the screen.

      So it has to be the frequency. BTW, alreay tried to find the inf file, but the Daewoo site is down or something.


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        go to
        username drivers
        password all

        do a search for drivers for that monitor
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          Even better, go to the Daewoo site, download the proper INF file for your monitor, and then install it. Windows should now show all supported resolutions properly.

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            Already tryed,,, etc.

            I found about 120 pages saying that the .inf file is in the Daewoo site ( but the darn thing pops out a message that says "site under construction".

            Well, I'll keep searching...


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              I can't believe it. All pages that I find about Daewoo were taken by some company that is dedicated to only that purpose... well and to make money I guess.


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                hey dude found it in 5 mins ;-))
                this is direct link to download page,pick a download server ;-)) hope it works for you...
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