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How to cover Sub Box with leather?

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  • How to cover Sub Box with leather?

    Hey everyone, ok i dont want to cover it with leather, but "pleather", you know, that fake *** leather, well anyways, what do i use to apply the material onto the subwoofer box(its made out wood, not some fancy *** plexi-glass ) Well i have never applied the pleather onto anything so i dont know what type of adhesive or anything will be needed, someone please help me out, thnx

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    I don't know about pleather on wood, but I use 3M spray glue. I used it to apply vinyl material over a fiberglass enclosure. Not too sure about wood, probably will work if plywood and not partical board.

    Hope this helps.
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      I wouldn't use that 3m spray adhesive for anything. Get a hold of some Misty Glue Spray Adhesive
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        I would go this route......much less of a headache unless you allready bought the stuff....
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          anyone know how i can put it on there so it has like no seams, and kinda blends in together....i just want the best route for least amout of seams.


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            It is going to be very difficult to have no seams. What I would do is take the box apart and wrap each piece of wood individually. Of course, you would only need to cover the outside of it. To do this, spray the wood with the 3M adhesive spray, as well as the pleather. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then take it and stretch it over the edges and use a staple gun on the back (the side that will be on the inside of the box). Then screw it back together. In this way, you'll have seams of course at the edges, but at least they will be organized.

            BTW, I've always used 3M's Super Trim Adhesive. It seems to hold better than anything else.


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              Ok, im not taking it apart, lol....anyone have any ideas, i dont want NO seams, just like not a bunch of them, a few are ok, anyone know how to wrap it so it doesnt have so much?


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                C'mon...take it wouldn't be here if you didn't know how to take things apart...wuss j/k

                Can u show a pic of the box?


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                  Hey, ill show a pic a little later, and i really dont want to take it apart, pain in the ***....its a rectangle, downfire.15" rf 1200watt down there man i want to make it look nice, it looks like **** at the moment.


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                    you get a thin layer of foam, use the glue spray. Then leather over it..also glue spray and staple gun back inside.
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                      But how do i make it so there are minimal seams, you will still see seams if you use the foam...that wont really make adifference


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                        Originally posted by Seabass
                        But how do i make it so there are minimal seams, you will still see seams if you use the foam...that wont really make adifference
                        I'm not completely sure that I know what you're asking. It's seems so simple that nobody would bother to ask it (no offense intended).

                        What I understand is that you'd like to cover a cube with as few seams as possible. I'm guessing that you don't need to cover the bottom, so that leaves five sides and eight corners.

                        Assuming that you can buy your material in whatever size is necessary, you won't have any seams on the sides.

                        That leaves the corners. Obviously, folding around corners leaves no seams. But you can't do that at all corners. So, you would want to fold as many corners as possible. The most corners that can be folded is four, leaving four seams.

                        The shape of your material before it is applied ot the box will either be a "T" shape, or "+" shape, depending on whether you want four vertical seams (+), or two vertical and two horizontal seams (T).

                        If you still don't have it figured out, I'll draw a picture.


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                          Hey the reason why its hard for me is because when you look at the sub woofer from the the side it makes a "L" shape like that, wait 1 sec, let me get a camera and show you a some pic's i dont know how to make it look professional....brb, gonna get some pics.


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                            ok here are some pics, this is how it looks and i dont really want a whole crap load of seams, i only want them on the side since the side wont be THAT seeable (like my work ??)



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                              Holy crap, man!

                              You ask how to cover a box with no seams. You don't give any description of the box. Finally you descibe it as a rectangle. Then you post pics of that thing. You're gonna have seams. No way around it. Just make them look good. Use a baseball stitch or something. Here is how I would cut the pleather: