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what to Buy: Double DIN headunit with iPhone/iPod Touch support?

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  • what to Buy: Double DIN headunit with iPhone/iPod Touch support?

    Not sure if this is the right area to ask... but Mod's please move if there is a better section...

    I'm looking for a double DIN headunit for my car... Being a computer tech I've dabbled with a carputer, and had one setup in my previous car... which I used Centrafuse as my frontend software... that worked fine when i had an older ipod 4th gen... I finally got around to getting my carputer setup again for my new (car which at this point I've now had for 4 years...) and I bought the latest version of Centrafuse... Now I also bought an iPhone as well, so I have been using this as my media source for my music and podcasts through through my Pioneer Headunit... but due to Apple locking down accessing the media library on the iPhone and iPod touch over USB so Centrafuse doesn't support the Iphone and iPod Touch...

    So at this point I have given up on a Windows based carputer as there isn't any other good frontend software on the market that has GPS maps for Australia and supports the iPhone and iPod touch...

    So I've been looking on ebay at the various Chinese double-din, GPS, DVD, iPod, etc supporting headunits... now the only problem I see is that the interface on some of them is quite disjointed when switching between modes... (I know you often get what you pay for) but does anyone know of a reasonable headunit that has GPS, supports the iPhone as a media source well, and does the other normal headunit things... (Also I would like RCA preouts... )

    Does anyone know of any WindowsCE or Android based headunits that are reasonable?

    Anyone got any suggestions?