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    Hi, I'm just getting into this aka a Noob. I have searched this board, other websites, and even contacted Pioneer. I'm considering buying a AVH-P6400. I have looked on ebay and some say it includes the brains to add a carputer or a dvd changer. Is this brain included on all of them or is this another add-on that you have to buy?

    Here is a link that has that has a brain in the description

    and one that doesn't

    Thanks for the help..

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    The "Brain" in question houses the FM tuner, the changer controls, and a video switching matrix. Maybe some DSP electronics. It's a similar unit to my Alpine IVA-C800 I'm trying to sell. You can connect a carputer though it, but it will be NTSC video. What that means is that it will look much akin to a computer being run to a TV. Text will be hard to read and sharper resolutions than 640-480 will be impractical. However you do have the convience of having a hidden monitor.

    It's your call.


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      Well actually what i really want to do is put an xbox in my durango. I don't know if it will still look like a computer on tv or not. If that's the case, I may not go that route. I do like the idea of the screen retracting back into the reciever. Does anyone know how the xbox would look on the screen? I have done some searches and nobody really says if it looks decent or not. Thanks.


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        If you are going to go that route check out an item that I am selling. Please note that it is OBO.

        If you are interested please let me know.



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          If all you are doing is Xbox then I think it would probably look fine, bear in mind it is widescreen
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