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Running Pre-Out Signal from HU to AV Receiver

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  • Running Pre-Out Signal from HU to AV Receiver

    Hey guys, I am new here and I am not sure if this would be the best place to post this, but mods feel free to move it.

    I have a question for y'all. I am thinking of getting:
    1. Home stereo amplifier (Probably this:
    2. And this HU: Pioneer DEH-2320UB (

    I have two kinda vintage Sony SS-D50's at home (3 way, quite big) and they were like 150w rms or something like that from memory. Since hifi separates are so damn expensive, I was thinking:

    Q: Is it possible to use the preouts on the HU to connect to any of the many inputs on the stereo amplifier? (Using standard RCA cables)

    The HU is rated at 2v preout I think. I have heard rumours that the signal from the head unit is over amplified and if fed into any home amplfier it will either
    a) Ruin/damage the circuitry.
    b) Distort really really badly.

    Is it possible to achieve this kind of a setup? The benefit is that I will have USB, and CD and a Tuner for very cheap, and still have a good stereo amplfier that can power my speakers.


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    it should work just fine. the problem is getting a decent ac/dc power supply to power the car radio...
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