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+ or - trigger needed for a 528T Pulse Timer

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  • + or - trigger needed for a 528T Pulse Timer

    I'm needing to hook up some custom auto steps on my truck and i wanted to activate them to drop down when i put my truck in park and lift them up when i put it in drive. I would like if anyone knows where i can get a + or - trigger when in park and drive.

    Truck is a 2003 Ford Excursion (built on a f250/350 so it might be the same)


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    I'm not a mechanic and I don't own a 200 3 Ford Excursion
    I would assume that you could take a + or - trigger off of the Neutral Safety Switch on the shifter that prevents the vehicle from being started if not in park if automatic or neutral if standard, see for a picture of the switch. you would need a wiring diagram for the pinout on the electrical connector.
    AMP Research has a kit you can buy from, but it hooks up to the existing wiring harness , and is activated when you open the door. Sometimes, such as when your parked on the side of the street,and you have your back to the truck opening the door, this would cause the step to possibly push you out into traffic when it extends.
    My thoughts would be to use the neautral safty switch to only allow to be activated when the transmission is in park or neutral, but install a remote control so you can extend the step when your approaching the truck and retract when the transmisson is moved from the park or neutral position.


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      Thanks for the reply and info.

      I was going to check the Neutral Safety Switch to see what wires did what. The AMP would not work because my kids cannot reach the door handles lol. I was thinking just like you said about using the Neutral Safety Switch when the truck is running and i'm on-board and using the remote lock/unlock to rise and lower the step when i'm out of the truck. I will test the Neutral Safety Switch and see what i can do.

      Thanks again


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        How handy are you with electronics ?
        The easiest way I can think of is to use the ignition wire and run a positive edge trigger circuit for the "steps up" as voltage rises from 0V to 12V and a negative edge trigger circuit for "steps down" as the voltage drops from 12V to 0V.
        Both of these edge trigger circuits could be fed through a pulse extender to power relays for a length of time required to complete the raise or lower operations.
        I wouldn't imagine there would be many times you need to drive the truck with the ignition off.
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          If i run it to the ignition wire i would have to turn the truck off to lower the steps to pick up people. A friend is coming over tomorrow and we are going to check the Neutral Safety Switch to see if we can find a change of voltage when in drive and park. I want it this way for safety because no one can get in unless it's in park and of course if your in drive they will be up.

          Thanks for all the help