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USB Relay Controller to control lights based on music beats

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  • USB Relay Controller to control lights based on music beats

    I have recently bought a USB Relay controller which I believe is developed by Protosmart although I bought it from ebay (Here is the link if anyone is interested).
    It comes with a demo software & the source code in Visual basic. What I want to achieve with this board is to play an mp3 song on my computer & then reflect the beats/rhythm on the 8 bulbs I have attached to the relay board (Like visualizations of the music). I was wodering if anyone could guide me for this?
    I am a beginner with Visual basic but I hope I will be able to achieve by using the demo software & some guideline.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Any guidance?

    As mentioned earlier, I have the source code of the demo software but just need some basic idea of how to do what I want to do?


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      If you are trying to make music visualization where 8 globes show intensity with different parts of the music spectrum then this device will not work. This device simply turns a relay on or off.
      There are kits and commercial devices made over the years to do this. They are basically simple adjustable band-pass filters with some type of analogue driver for each output.
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        Ditto. We had things called "Musicolors" that were 3 or 4-band bandpass filters that phase controlled triacs/SCRs for AC lights.
        The same can be done to PWM LEDs and DC globes with (MOS)FETs or transistors.

        But relays - no.


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          The best you can do with this device is turn 8 LEDs on and off. Relays are also not good for making things blink quickly - they are mechanical, so besides constant clicking, they have a transition time from on to off - if you want blinking to happen faster than that, this device simply wont work.
          I think a better bet would be to use FusionBrain
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            you could put automotive flashers after the relays for a blinking effect or you could go this old school route or something along these lines SNO


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              Video of what i am trying to achieve (Thanks for your replies)

              Hi fellows,
              Thanks for your replies. I am actually trying to achieve whats shown in the video below


              Apologies, I think I was not clear in my requirements earlier.