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    Hey guys, while i'm restoring my 72' mini and it is in pieces I would like to set the wiring up for my PC now.
    I dont have any hardware yet, ill be accumulating that gradually over the next few weeks but seeing as the interior is going in next weekend I might do the planning now.
    Basically the PC will be in the back with a single screen up front and Fusion Brain for reading gauges etc.
    SO am i right in thinking the following

    -sending two or 3 usb cables front to back to handle touch screen, fusion brain and possibly a usb socket (probably easier with just the one cable and a hub?)
    -HDMI cable going front to back
    -Head unit will be in boot, sound wont be an issue in that case but i'll need a cat 6 cable to power the headunit face in the sunvisor.
    -possibly running cables to handle the on/off and reset buttons.

    Anything else i am not thinking about?
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    Plan for the future! Run cat6 ethernet, optical audio, hdmi and a few lines of USB 3.0. Don't forget a bundle of 16 ga wire for controls and lights. You can never have too much wire already installed. I need to go back in mine and run another pair of optical cables and some ethernet, which I really didn't want to have to do!
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      cat6 really doesn't have much advantage over cat5 unless your using a balanced network..

      if you have it on hand, then use it, but if you need to buy cable, just use cat5--it'll be a little cheaper.

      and i would say to run 4 to 6 cat5 cables to the front, plus at least 2 extra usb cables then you plan on using. the reason for the cat5 is that they now make baluns to get almost any signal type to travel over cat5. and you could also run any switches off that cat5 as well-- standard cat5 is rated for about 3A of current-- so plenty to activate some relays in the trunk...

      you didn't mention power wiring, but i would run at least 4 ga to the trunk-- that will support up to about 100A of power, so it would cover even a medium-sized audio install.

      though, it never seems like you can ever run the correct cabling for any upgrade..

      though i must say, after learning my car, i can have my car apart in less then 5 min, and have a new cable ran in less then 10...
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        Im more concerned about what to send to the front.
        What happens in the rear wont matter to much as I wont need to pull down the headlining, just send it through the rear firewall.
        Thanks for the tips.
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