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RX300! Attempting the impossible

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  • RX300! Attempting the impossible

    Hey Guys! Its been a long time since I've been on here and it feels good to be back

    I finally have enough scratch saved up to attempt what many have, and it would seem all have failed. An OEM carputer install in a first gen Lexus RX300. This car is notoriously difficult to deal with but here is the proposed hardware:

    98% certain:
    Zotax ATXION-S-E 1.8 ghz dual core with ION graphics
    4 gigs of 800mhz Ram
    64 Gig Crucial C300 SSD
    MO CO SO Black box
    Visteon and MTJ custom USB cable
    any mic (since I have the realtek audio on this board with noise and echo canceling)
    Elm Scan 5
    Car2PC (Toy2)
    Windows 7 64 bit

    Not so certain:
    Mini Touch 700 (still shopping, may go capacative)
    M3 ATX. Had this guy lying around from an old build. Wondering if the ION chipset + the mini touch 700 + all of my peripherals will overload this guy.

    Now here is the crux. THERE IS NO SPACE FOR THE MONITOR!

    The plan is to cut the hole up top where the stock screen is bigger (measurements done) and stuff a 7" monitor in there and bondo it up. HOWEVER

    I will need to relocate the stock screen and those buttons because they display AC setting and other important data.

    I have contemplated placing the stock screen where the seat heaters and cig lighter are, but it won't fit because The hole in the bottom is where the shifter goes.



    M3 ATX power supply

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    We had an RX300, and the display would be a pain. I suggest doing something like the CT200h does, or the SC460 does. Popup screen behind/above the stock screen. All the HVAC controls and menu options are are the mini computer behind that screen, so it is not as simple as tapping into wires to make it do your bidding. The other option of course is to hide it blindly and then tap into it that way.
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      I think I've boiled it down to 2 options. Hide the screen altogether OR hide the screen, set up some LEDs and a camera and fix them into place so I can switch between carpc (vga) or AC. Maybe have a camera app in centrafuse. There is plenty of space to work with back there. Thoughts?


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        Would it be possible to fabricate a hooded housing on the dash above this assembly, or create overhead housing to move the LCD that is presently located between the AC/heat vents?
        Is it possible to remove the AC controls and computer for the lcd panel from the Radio/AC assembly and still have the AC functional? If yes you could ditch the ashtray and cigarette lighter, drop the heated seat controls to their location, install the AC controls in the former heated seat control location and then install a LCD, possibly a 8" in landscape or a 10 inch in portrait in the area formerly containing the Radio/AC assembly, (leaving the AC screen in it's present location).


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          Unfortunately, as you can see on the right side of the pic, the pc board contains both AC controls and radio controls. the screen displays all of the AC info and other stuff like mph, as well as housing the radio and cd controls. The radio and cd will be obsolete once I install the carpc, but knowing where and how the AC blowing is mildly important but not 100 percent necessary. I'm at a shop right now brainstorming solutions will let you guys know what we come up with


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            Parts ordered:
            Zotac IonItx-s-e
            4 Gigs of ValueRam
            64 Gig SSD (crucial c300 I believe)
            That big case, black box i think, with the RCAs and LCD connector
            669 with capacative touch
            Some wireless keyboard with touch pad built in (forgot brand)
            Elm Scan 5
            Cheap USB BT
            Visteon Radio with MJC cable

            Total cost so far is under $1000,but the shop doing the custom screen install is cutting me a deal, because we are partnering and are going to build CarPCs for their clients. If anyone is interested in a quote, shoot me a PM.

            This is the 5th CarPC I've built, but its been 2 years, and boy have we come a long way. Ion graphics? 1.8Ghz Dual Core? SSD? 4 gigs of DDR?! I mean, the computer was the cheapest part of the build. As soon as these transflective screens become the norm, these builds should cost under $1000 easy. Give it a year or 2


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              Hey guys. i am thoroughly confused regarding this car2pc thing.

     clearly states in the news section that the rx300 is now supported (as of 2008). I called the makers of Grom and they seemed pretty clueless about the 300. They said it wouldn't work. Well, I already ordered it, so if it doesn't work I'll need to rethink my plans.


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                I have no idea what indashpc is or what you plan to use it for. But your problem is interfacing the screen. If I remember correctly, the RX300 (and RX330 of similar vintage) had a character LCD. It wasn't a video display where every part of the screen is a pixel that can be anything. It was a screen where certain sections are either on or off, and that didn't change. Our RX300 didn't have nav though so obviously if you did then you would need a video display. But then that begs the question of if you can get a non-nav version and plug it in to get to the character LCD lines if what you have is the nav side. If you do that, then you can just tap the control lines of the LCD into any I/O controller and read in the status of the illumination of any section of LCD, and figure out exactly what is going on. As for control, that is a different story.
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                1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
                30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
                15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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