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Power Supply for Testing before Install

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  • Power Supply for Testing before Install

    In the past, I used an $80 RadioShack 12V AC to DC converter to test my setup before install, but I lost it in my move to LA I had a thought, and already pulled the trigger, so thought it best to ask someone with more experience with electronics.

    Instead of buying another $80 inverter, is it safe to use a computer powersupply for the 12V rail? I bought a 400 Watt PS on Ebay for $19. If I chop a black and yellow cable, thats 12V. What I'm not sure about is how the 400 Watts are distributed.

    Any ideas?

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    Yes, you can use a computer power supply. Just google it - you'll find a few tutorials on how to do it. It's very easy. I use one for my test bench.
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      This one is fancy...

      Too fancy. Is it safe to connect my m2-ATX to the yellow and black leads coming out of the PSU?


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        I use an Xbox 360 power supply, only cost me $5! =)


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          don't use the radio shack variable power supplies. i've had so many customers ruin their products with radio shack's subpar products.

          grab an AC adapter of choice and mate it to this DC jack-to-p4 cable. cut the p4 connector off the end and mate the leads however you want. instant bench tester.



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            your image is busted