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"Car" PC woes with hardware

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  • "Car" PC woes with hardware

    I put car in quotes because it is not in a car, rather a motorcycle.

    D510MO mobo
    Kingston SSD 128 GB drive
    4GB PQI DDR2 800 RAM (2x2GB)
    wifi/BT minipci card
    mini box M2(i think) 80w wide voltage DC-DC psu
    the 750.00 touchscreen from the mp3car store (I forget if its lilliput or something else)

    To this day, I have replaced the PSU 2x, the mobo 3x, the SSD once, and the case once(due to size issues.

    I am about to rip everything out snd start over. Right now I have a dead mobo and may or may not warranty replace it or upgrade to the new ATOM based board.

    My question is how should i prep the computer for the environment inside a motorcycle? I have already hot-glued the sata and power connections. I use a fanless case ( and it is covered on the top to protect against stuff falling in. The environment is extremely bouncy and there is a lot of side to side motions (me turning). I am just tired of trying to get this to work reliably....

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    Sounds like heat and vibration might be killing your components.

    Do you have the boards mounted to the case with rubber isolators?

    You say the case is covered to keep debris out, but is that preventing good air circulation in the case?

    I am at a loss however on why the ssd took a dump on ya. Moisture maybe?


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      I don't know much about intel cpus or intel based mobo's, but is it a fan heatsink, or fanless? I had issues recently while bench testing a customers pc where a fan heatsink dislodged on one side after the desk was bumped. Granted, it was a hard bump, like tilting the desk and things falling off... the mobo only moved like 1/2 an inch though but that did it in.

      Someone else did it, I remember the thread. Might want to check this out:
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        There is the original install.

        The original SSD died because the sata power connector shorted it out by vibrating sideways a little. that is where the hot glue came in. There are no isolators atm but I will add that.


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          To add, it is a fanless system, I am thinking that the thing might be getting too hot. But doesnt it have a thermal safety switch?


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            Most bios's should be defaulted to hard shut everything off if it hits a certain temp. My laptop does that every 10 minutes as the fans don't spin. It's a safety feature so nothing gets damaged.
            Current Worklog: TBA - '05 Rav4 (Mobo Dead).
   - Forums for Rav4 owners
   - Cooking website/forums
            -Basic forums live atm, come contribute!