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USB FM Tuner for Centrafuse

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  • USB FM Tuner for Centrafuse

    Hey guys, just finishing up my install and everything is running good. Now I am looking for the final piece. A USB FM Tuner that is compatible with centrafuse. What are differences between fm tuners and hd tuners. Also will a USB fm tuner need to be connected to my factory antenna? Looking for something around a max of 40 dollars. If anyone can chime in rather than me buying something that isnt compatible. My vehicle is a 2010 Dodge Charger with the euro style antenna adapter. Thanks so much.

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    I'm using(on the desk, not in the car yet) an HD adapter which I picked up brand new from craigslist and bought mitch's cable and it's working great with CF. Not sure where are you located, but in my opinion in the US this is the best solution. I'm using the Directed one. it has a regular antenna plug, but you could get an amplified adapter(as me) to hook it up.


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      Im in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is a few AM and FM stations I wouldn't mind having. How would I know if they are broadcasted HD? and is the OEM antenna enough or is it a different type of antenna? I wonder if they are any good without an amplifier.


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        in the US there is a site where I can check which stations are in hd, but I don't know about Canada.
        the hd logo will stay on if the station it's in hd and you can hear the difference. if it isn't transmitted in hd, then the hd logo will blink. there are some hd sub channels also transitted from the same station, but since I have switched to Centrafuse 3.6 I don't know yet how to switch there yet.
        the adapter has regular car antenna plug, so it should work. you may need an adapter. I got one with an amplifier build in.
        I have a VW Rabbit 08', so I have a different plug also and a pretty short whip antenna, but I'm not that worried, because we have a bunch of stations in LA and only with the extension cable laid down on the floor(without antenna) in my room I receive hd quality stations.
        it will work with regular antennas, but the longer it is the better, that's what I have heard.
        I'm a newbie and I don't have it installed in my car yet, so I may be the wrong guy giving you advises.