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Intel DH67CFB3 and casing voltage issue

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  • Intel DH67CFB3 and casing voltage issue

    hi guys

    got the Intel mobo with the morex 5677 casing,

    feedback: firstly its a really tight fit cos of the CPU fan, secondly u'll have to relocate the hard disk bracket cos of the location of the CPU and fan

    but the problem i'm facing is that ...even though everything is working fine...i'm getting a bit of an electrical shock each time i touch the casing...

    i put insulating tape below the mobo to make sure nothing's touching the casing... but still am facing this problem.

    please help

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    I would guess it is a grounding issue. I'm using the same MB and case and haven't encountered this issue. My setup is currently still on my work bench and the Morex 6577 is sitting on top of the ATX power supply I'm currently using to supply power to the MS-ATX. So it may be grounded with the power source.

    As for the tight fit with the CPU fan, I got the Rosewill RCX-SC1U low profile fan from NewEgg and it seems to work out pretty well. Looks like there should be room for the stardard placement of the HDD bracket with SSD. Reviews say the fan is loud, but under normal conditions it isn't bad. It isn't until I run Prime95 for a bit that the fans starts to take off. With the case mouned under the dash, normal drive noise, and the volume of the radio - it probably won't be noticed.


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      thanks for the info can u try placing the morex away from the psu? I tried connecting them with a ground wire but that made the psu casing live...

      I'm also using the Intel i5,2400. do u have an issue with pc shutting down abruptly? I'm guessing it might be overheating so I left casing open and updated the BIOS. is the default CPU fan adequate?



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        hmm... could you place your morex away from your PSU and see if there's any problem? i tried connecting a wire from the morex casing to the PSU but that only made the PSU casing live.

        i'm running RealTemp and core temp is bare 40degC but when the case is installed (using the default intel fan) win7 ultimate keeps crashing on startup.only when the case is opened will things be more stable.

        any ideas?



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          I have isolated my Morex case from my power source and I don't seem to have any issue. I have not run the system with the case fully assembled yet. I do recall when I had the stock CPU fan installed, it appeared that it was a couple mm too tall for the case to be assembled. How tight of a fit is it to get the cover installed with the stock CPU fan? Could it be putting pressure on the CPU which may be causing the MB to flex just a little and that is what is causing it to crash? Can you boot and go into the BIOS and view the temp and fan speeds? If you can watch the temp and fan speeds from the BIOS for a while, then I don't think it is a heat issue keeping Windows from booting.

          I opted for the less power hungry i5 2405S processor. I'll get some temp numbers with the Morex fully enclosed. (Sorry for the delay in responding - been keeping busy)


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            thanks for the help

            i dont seem to be having the problem nowadays. as for the fan issue...haha i cut a hole in the casing for it. maybe u were right, since now the mobo is not flexing, there isnt the live casing issue..

            as for win7 crashing, i spoke to a sales guy at an IT store cos i thought it was the overheating that was causing the crashing/power off,and i wanted to get a coolermaster fan and he told me that maybe there isnt enuff power for the CPU. so that got me thinking cos i was running power off the 12V to my lilliput monitor. disconnected that... no more crashing YAY!!

            unfortunately...after one problem, comes another.

            I installed the carpc and its working great. except now i only get stereo instead of 5.1..i used splitters for the line out, sub and rear to go into RCAs that feed my rockford amps. Seems like this audio problem is common among win 7 users.

            do u have that problem?