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USB sound cards that actually work with windows 7

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  • USB sound cards that actually work with windows 7

    I have windows 7 with a startech usb sound card. I have all types of problems with usb audio and windows 7. Stuff like i put the vol to 0% and i can still here audio or The volume is really sensitvy i put it up a little bit and it gets loud. I have read on line that windows 7 usb audio problems and want to see if people are using usb audio that works.
    I am not using the onbaord audio becuase its very poor onboard sound card

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    I'm using the Tascam US-100 with very good results. Very smooth volume changes, no noise. But I don't use Windows 7 volume control, I set and forget it, I then either use the tascam's or the headunit controls.
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