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Looking to build something to display multiple sensor data.

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  • Looking to build something to display multiple sensor data.

    I been looking at some how building a device that I can connect to multiple sensors. All these devices are external to the vehicle. No interconnect to the vehicle systems. here is an example of what I am looking at doing. Have a screen display that will show multiple sensors like temperature sensors, pressure sensors of fluid, boost/vacuum sensor and liquid level sensors. Lets say 4 temperature, 4 fluid pressure, 2 boost, 3 level sensors. I do not mind if they can not all be displayed at one time or not. Can be scrolled up or page to a new page. The last item is the ability to use a couple buttons or touch screen to go up or down 5 positions. Each position would activate a relay for that selection 1 through 5.

    If anyone is familiar with say the Edge Products Insight CTS/CS devices it be something like this but just for connected multiple input sensors and some output controlling as well.

    Any help will be great on some I/O boards and programming to do as I would like to do. This be a one of kind project for personal use. Thanks to any and all with input or ideas for this. If someone has the ability to even make this I be interested in your time.

    Thanks again to everyone.

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    Is the Fusion Brain not what you are after?


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      Or an Adruino board.
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