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Cheap camera with night vision

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  • Cheap camera with night vision

    I found this video camera kit and thought I'd pass it on. I'm not to the point of installing a rear camera yet, but this looks like a good deal for $30, although its not a pin hold camera... item number=47546

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    how could you use that on your comp?


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      Originally posted by bosstone74
      how could you use that on your comp?
      capture card, VIVO, directly into monitor with rca inputs etc
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        If you have a store close, these go on sale every other month for $19.99. I am tempted to pick up two and pipe into a head mounted display for expirementing with 3D stereo setups. Then I could be cool like this guy

        If they are still on sale I will pick one up and give a report back. Can always return it if it sucks or skip eating at Wendy's for a week


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          looooooool i'd really like to see you driving around with that thing on. Get one for me aswell, I'll paypal you later.
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            those things are just regular old video cameras with IR Spotlights.
            They're only good for about 30 feet.

            Sorry to dash your hopes, but it wont be like the night vision you are thinking about.
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              Most little CMOS cameras like this have 0lux sensitivity and pickup infrared light very well. I don't think anyone here was thinking that they would be using them specifically for night vision. From the spec list I don't think they even have IR LEDs on them so for any visibility at night you would have to add IR lighting.