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Install in a Eclipse/Talon?

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  • Install in a Eclipse/Talon?

    Has anyone here instaled a carputer into a Eclipse/Talon? I know Arby has but I don't know where his carputer is located (dash, trunk, under seat, etc.). I want to install mine in the dash somewhere but I wondering if anyone here has done that so I can get some ideas.

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    There's nothing special about these cars, you've got the same options everyone else does pretty much. There's not a lot of clearance between the double dins and the stick, so that rules out some of the larger pop-out displays, but that's the only limitation I know of.


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      I was just wondering how other people might have done it...maybe there is enough room inside the console to fit the parts. Or maybe there is enough room under the dash? I don't know I just want to make my carputer totaly invisable to anyone looking at it (except for the obvius like the screen, and probably the dvd-rom). I want it to look professional and make it look like the car came like that.